Opening July 2, 2020

Coming July 2nd

Shepherd’s Care is thrilled to announce that effective, July 1, 2020, ownership of Treats n’ Treasures Thrift Store will be transferred to Adeara Recovery Centre, and will be called More Than A Fad Thrift Store.

Shepherd’s Care Foundation is a faith based, not for profit organization providing quality care and accommodation’s to more then 1,800 seniors throughout Edmonton and Barrheard. Treats n’ Treasures, located at 6924-68 Avenue in Edmonton, is a social enterprise owned and operated by Shepherd’s Care Foundation with all proceeds going to support the lives of seniors living in Shepherd’s Care Foundation. 

Unrelated to the events of COVID-19, Shepherd’s Care Foundation undertook this transition as the best direction for the success of the Thrift Store. 

"I am full of excitement and hope thinking of the possibilities and new opportunities the Thrift Store will have under the ownership of Adeara Recovery Centre," says Shawn Terlson, President and CEO of Shepherd’s Care Foundation. "As we make these transitions, I encourage you to continue supporting the Thrift Store in its new initiatives." 

What Is Adeara?

Adeara Recovery Centre is a not for profit faith based organization, formerly known as the Edmonton Dream Centre. Since 1998, Adeara has worked fearlessly to transform the lives of women struggling with addiction, poverty, trauma, and abuse. They are proud to be one of Canada’s few recovery centres accepting women and their children. Learn more at

"Adeara would like to thank Shepherd’s Care Foundation for the exciting opportunity to expand our community support and provide new opportunities for our residents!" says Lori Patrick, Executive Director of Adeara. "Treats n’ Treasures was created to support Shepherd’s Care residents and their community, and now they are giving Adeara the opportunity to do the same."

What to Expect

The dedicated customers of Treats n’ Treasures will naturally see some changes when they visit the store, but what won’t change is the desire to help support vulnerable people. Just as Treats n’ Treasures supported seniors, More Than A Fad Thrift Store will be supporting women and their children in recovery at Adeara. The store will continue to operate with an incredible team of staff and volunteers who wish to serve the community. 

Treats n’ Treasures final day open to the public will be Wednesday, June 24th. The store will be closed from June 25th to July 1st as we make the final changes before re-opening July 2nd as More Than A Fad Thrift Store!

For further information:

Lori Patrick, Executive Director of Adeara 780-432-5516 (ext. 1010)

Shawn Terlson, President & CEO of Shepherd’s Care Foundation 780-463-9810 

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